Yaw Tog is one of the most talented young stars Ghana has seen so far, he made his mark with his song titled SORE which he gave an explanation to it on the Delay Show. During the interview, he was asked about how he got the name Yaw Tog, he then sits upright with a smile on his face and explains that, the TOG is from his real name that is Thorsten Owusu Gyimah.

He was asked about his school and family and he disclosed his school which got some fans surprised as they writes in the comment box during the interview, he mentioned his school which is OPOKU WARE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

He then went on to talk about how he cope both his parent since they are no more together as husband and wife, Yaw Tog made it known that he get in touch with his father always though he staying with the mother. Yaw Tog went on to disclose his relationship with the ASAKA BOYS, which he told us on a live interview with Delay that he doesn’t have that tight relationship with them, they just meet and do songs together so sees them in the studio while he goes there to record or see the engineer, so he stated it in the way that the meaning is he doesn’t talk to them most like best friends do, the relationship is for business and nothing more.

Yaw Tog was asked if he do drugs and he responded that with more explanation, he said no because he knows drugs will not help him in anyway and vow not to do drug even when he grows up and nothing can change that.

Delay asked him about how he is coping with fame, money and school, which Yaw Tog made it known that he is focused on his schooling now as his management team does the music side of his life, with the money he is making, he told us on the interview that though he sees the revenues on his phone and monitors how the money increases but the team is taking good care of the income and will allow him to withdraw money when necessary, he them explains that two members from his family are part of the management and they play a vital role in there as well.

He then talked about how he get Stormzy on the SORE remix. He told us he was there and his manager called him that Stormzy from the United Kingdom wants to be on his song Sore, and that is how everything started, he did it for free  

Yaw tog then went on to say the being his first time working with top Artists like kwesi Arthur was very inspirational and he was surprised how Kwesi Arthur was humble and teaches him a lot of things since he is young and new to stardom.

Yaw Tog then made it known that he is a virgin –

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