Giovani talks about Abena Korkor’s allegation against him and Date rush host issues

Giovani Caleb at the beginning of a live interview was asked, “Were you not nervous when they called you to replace the host of Date Rush’s? ” Giovani laughed at the question and said, he has never been nervous over such a thing, and besides he is there to do a job they offered him, he then went on to say that, the management of date rush told him the old host which is Henry Nii Kpakpo Thompson is now out of the country and they know Giovani will be the right fit for the job.

He admitted that many people weren’t happy when he was selected as the new host for the most trending Sunday television show in Ghana, he stated that he even took time to read all the comments on Date Rush’s official page and almost all the comments were negative, he rated it as 99 percent negative comments. He then went on to say that he is one person who really knows how to handle pressure so he was cool with all the backlashes.

He went on to say that, after recording the 4th season which was where he took the work from, he knew what he did was good and couldn’t wait for them to air it to the audience. Giovani then says it was amazing seeing those (accounts) who insulted him in his DM’s on social media now becomes back to wow him on the amazing job he has done since taking over from Henry Nii Kpakpo Thompson, he said sometimes he compares the insult and the praises from the same account or people and just laugh at them.

The interview went on as the question of how he got to work with TV3 and what program he does there part from the Date Rush, Giovani stated that he was with EIB and Starr FM and he is finally with Tv3 which he does a drive on their radio five hours every day.
He was then asked why he left GH one Tv, and Giovani as a funny guy told Delay he didn’t leave Gh one because of any salary issues or based on any problem, he said he only left there because he wanted to change his working environment and also get a new challenge elsewhere, but he still goes to Gh One for so many things because they are family.

The interview entered into his life and family as he disclosed he met his wife at the mall where they walk into the studio of YFM, that was where he was working and everything started from there, and he said the breast of her wife attracted him and he told delay to him breast is life or breast stands for life. He then praised his wife so well that his praises landed in the question, if you stay with a woman like this why then do you sleep with ABENA KORKOR?

Giovani then dived into the story saying that he called Abena on a live radio show and they talked about mental health and stigmatization and the next morning he got so many calls that his name is on the list of people Abena has slept with over the years, which she stated that Giovani has a big d…k but he doesn’t know how to use it. This news shocked him to the extend that she called Abena so many times but she didn’t answer, but she texted him that she is so sorry about what she said about him, she went on to say that she was out of medication and that led her into her actions.

Thanks for reading, we will bring you Abena’s side of the story to know who is speaking the truth!!


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