Police explain why the two killers of the 10year old cannot be jailed for more than 5 years.

A few days back Ghana was hit by the sad news about a 10-year-old Ishmael Mensah Abdallah who was painfully killed by two teenagers at Kasoa located in the central region of Ghana. We have been following the news from day one till now and this is the update so far after.

The crime we are talking about was committed by two teenagers, know as Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kiki, these suspects, aged 16 and 18 finally confesses that they are the one who killed the 10-year-old boy and they did that on the instruction of a spiritualist they discovered on television not long ago.

There has been soo much concern about what type of punishment these two killers deserve, and most Ghanaians are now against televisions who are allowing these fake mallams and other fake spiritualists to advertise through their stations or channels.
Concerning the punishment they deserve, the PRO for the Central Regional Police Command, DSP Irene Oppong made it clear during an interview that in the case of a juvenile, the sentence cannot exceed five years, in some cases they can be sentenced for only three years and that depends on the discretion of the judge.

She went on to say that As we speak there is no document to prove their ages are 16 and 18 or 17, therefore we are looking forward to getting their weighing cards or birth certificates, but in case we do not get any of them, then the police investigator will have to take them to an expert to determine their ages.

Now the MP for Ashaiman has also spoken and blamed the fake mallams and the television stations which have allowed them to advertise on their stations or use their platforms as means of reaching people. He went on to say that, the best way to prevent the youth from venturing into such things is to create jobs for them or encourage them to create something on their own.
Many people have many views on this issue, but for us to be safe and prevent this demonic act we need to deal with the televisions or the media in general for allowing these fake Mallams or Spiritualist to advertise on their platforms.

I think there have been so many killings but we are fortunate to see this one that is why it seems like this is the time such a thing is happening, let see the case of the three Takoradi missing girls and other missing children and others from three years coming, Ghana need to stand up and do something, this is the time we need our security agencies most because we are not safe.

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