Date Rush: I am a virg!n and still single-Bibi reveals

Bibi from Date Rush has shockingly revealed that she is still a virg!n and single

Date Rush has taken over their social media in Ghana since it began. it has also been entertaining since the first season on TV 3. Some of the contestants are excited because they have found their dates whilst others are battling for theirs.

One of the beautiful contestants, known as Bibi who is a presenter at olivradio, an influencer, an actress and a car dealer has revealed that she is a virgin and also single. She revealed this during an interview with Emmanuel Kojo Rashad. This surprised the host but it seems to be the truth and nothing else.

The Host raised an arguments about the breakups after people find dates on Date Rush. Bibi believes that it depends on the two lovers. She said communication, trust and believing in each other is a factor to a long-lasting relationship. She also advised that if someone gets a date, he or she should be stable and a plan with the partner which would clearly tell the media and the general public that Date Rush is real and not scripted.

Talking of her experience, she revealed she didn’t want to go on date Rush…. it was her friend Sandra who influenced her. Bibi seemed to go on Dates Rush for a date and also to have fun. She disclosed that she has been single for two years before going to Date Rush.

Watch video here


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