Woman wants her marriage divorced over s*x

Elizabeth Omeh, a housewife in Ebonyi State, has asked Ebonyi family Law Center to disintegrate her more than three years of marriage due to her man’s powerlessness to satisfy her sexual needs. In other words, the woman wants a marriage divorce.

Elizabeth Omeh said James her husband had not laid down with her for more than one year, bemoaning that each time she endeavored to entice him for sex, he would begin beating her.

Elizabeth, a nurse and a native of Ngbo in Ohaukwu local government area of the state narrated to the court how her husband James, nearly choked her to death for requesting s*x which made her take off from his home and get back to her parent’s home.

The woman’s request before the court

Elizabeth likewise said that the spouse’s family changed the man they at first introduced as her husband and brought a debilitated man to wed her. She requested that the court end the marriage on account of the man’s condition of wellbeing and the family’s misleading way to deal with her.

She told the court that she tried in the marriage and had chosen to return the share paid for her to her husband’s family.

James’ response

James denied all the allegations, saying he had no problem with his wife.

Court response

Chairman of the Ebonyi state Family Law Centre, Mrs. Elizabeth Nwali, declared: “Since the woman has said that she will not continue with the marriage because of the deceit, constant beating and the man’s state of health which defiled all medical attention, we cannot force her to stay there.”

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