Nigerian man builts house with 14,800 bottles (photos)

A Nigerian man has used plastic bottles to build a house with three bedrooms, a toilet, and a kitchenⁿ

The Nigerian man who is known to be Yahaya Ahmed, the director of Developmental Association of Renewable Energies in Nigeria (DARE) said the house he has built in Kaduna using 14,800 sand-filled is about 20 times stronger than houses built which were constructed with bricks.

This association is a non-governmental organization. He added that the house can last for 300 years. This man said his organization came up with this to encourage the recycling of waste materials, create jobs, and ensure environmental safety in Nigeria.

Talking of how it was built, he said the workers filled the plastic bottles with sand and linked them at the neck by an intricate network of strings. He said the building is cheaper to build and the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa.

Ghanaupdatesplus gathered that it is cheaper to build because the building materials are available on the streets and at trash dump centers.

Talking if the strength, Ahmed said the house is “20 times stronger than brick walls houses and can last for over 300 years if constructed properly and carefully.” He added that the building is fireproof, bulletproof, earthquake-resistant, and can also adapt to all kinds of climate changes.

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After noting that plastics are a big threat to the existence of humans, animals, and all living organisms, the assistant director of African Climate Reporters, Piman Hoffman urged the Nigerian government to support renewable energy companies to save the nation from the increasing threat of waste pollution.



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