Meet the 20 years old girl who has been impregnated by her father.

A lot of things are happening day after day. Ghanaupdatesplus is your home for all your trending stories, especially in Ghana. A lot of rules or norms we know have been overlooked as forbidden acts easily happen. It even seems the generation is not even shy of that. One is young girls getting pregnant with their brothers, fathers, and even teachers.

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In Africa ( Ghana in this context), incest is considered unpleasant and strongly discouraged by our elders. It is also against our culture.
Sad as such unpleasant acts continue increasing every day. This goes down to a 20 years old young lady who was identified as Martha making a statement of pregnancy. According to her, she is pregnant with her father.

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Martha made this confession on social media which has left a lot of people in misery.
According to her, her mother is currently abroad. Martha claims her mother left for Abroad when she was 15 years old. This implies she has been living alone with her father.
She claimed her father started desiring her when she turned 19 years.

Martha continued that, her father saw her come out of the washroom after bathing one night, and that was when the unexpected happened. She said, her father followed her into her room that night. Before she could realize it, her father started touching and rubbing her sensitive body parts. She had intercourse with her father that night as she was unable to control herself.

The story reported that the next day, they both regretted what happened that night and vowed not to let that happen again. But the future unfortunately had something else installed for them. Martha found out that she was pregnant a month after the incident.
She is now 7 months pregnant for her father and her mother has no idea about it.


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