Video: Shatta Bandle In Trouble In Dubai After Using An Adult Swimming Pool

Shatta Bandle

Social media acclaimed billionaire Shatta Bandle, born Firdaus Iddrisu is making the best of the little time he has in Dubai after he took time off to have a small vacation away from the heat in Ghana as well as try something new in Dubai.

While in the United Arab Emirates, Shatta Bandle took to the pool to freshen his body and enjoy the pool. However, he took the wrong height for himself and he has to use an aid to get himself floating on the water.

According to the young social media sensation, he is the richest young billionaire in Ghana and there he is swimming like a tilapia and actually enjoying every bit of it in the pool.

The following are some of Shatta bundle’s comments while swimming in the pool in Dubai.

“Yeah merhn…youngest billionaire inside the…Dubai pool sweet merhn,” Shatta Bandle was heard saying in the video loudly.



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