Tiwa Savage Narrates Why She Needs A Broke Man To Marry

Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian singer, has revealed the type of man she would like to date and even marry.

Tiwa Savage claims that she has enough money and has amassed a significant amount of fortune, so she is not looking for a wealthy man with whom to spend her life.

She mentioned that the type of man she seeks is one who can match her enthusiasm; they must be able to vibe together during a performance in Dallas.

Her remark elicited ecstatic responses from the gathering of female followers, who appear to fully support her decision.

Tiwa Savage at age 42 is one of the most successful female artists in Africa and as a result has said he only needs a good man, not a rich man.

“He must not be rich” – Tiwa Savage the kind of man she wants

SOURCE: www.ghanaupadatesplus.com


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