Patapaa rains heavy insults on Zionfelix in new video


In a new video obtained by GHPage, Patapaa Amisty unleashes hate on Zionfelix in response to his ostensibly one-sided feud with the famous blogger.

The whole thing began off as a joke after Patapaa reacted to a video of Zionfelix hanging out with his wife Liha Miller in Köln, Germany, but it’s quickly devolving into something more serious.

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This is because, in a recent video, Patapaa can be seen shouting insults at Zionfelix for dismissing his wife-snatching charges as unfounded and useless.

“You’re a foolish boy. Are you expecting me to sing praises for you after the stupid thing you did without my consent,” Patapaa said in a self-recorded video to Zionfelix who had earlier called him on the phone over the allegations.

Patapaa had previously suggested on his WhatsApp status that he doesn’t want to see his wife again because of Zionfelix as he suspects he has something amorous to do with his wife, which is probably the cause of the alleged cracks in their marriage.

Patapaa charged Ghanaians to be careful of Zionfelix over his presumed womanising attitude as he bathed his with insults.

In response, Zionfelix stated categorically denied the allegation. He explained that his only crime was to schedule an interview with Liha without informing Patapaa – a move he took that has got the musician infuriated.

Zionfelix, who is currently in Germany, said he was compelled to reach out to Patapaa to sort things out but the latter was very hostile to him over the phone and was also not ready to have a mature conversation.

It’s on the back of this video that Patapaa says Zionfelix was very “foolish” to assume he would’ve received a warm response from him after what he did.

Meanwhile, Liha has negated the multiple reports suggesting her marriage to Patapaa has hit the rocks.

According to her, there’s no iota of truth in the rumours and Ghanaians should treat such publication as a hoax.

Hopefully we don’t get another reaction from Patapaa after his wife’s interview with Zionfeix because as it stands now, he appears very angry and ever ready to descend into the gutters with the renowned blogger.



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