Watch as a lady’s artificial buttocks betrayed her 1


Pictures of a woman wearing prosthetic buttocks have been the talk of the town when they came off while she was dancing with a friend in a public place.

The fact that males prefer to date women who have larger buttocks is well known, and it can be stressful for women who have smaller buttocks. This has gone the extra mile as artificial bums betrayed a beautiful lady in public.


The pictures show that when the camera was turned in their direction, this woman and her partner were out having fun and dancing.

‘Broken heart does not care if you are a celebrity’; Wendy Shay (Watch Video)

Then, all of a sudden, this woman’s fake bums began to lose their shape, and when people noticed that fake bums, they understood thet situation.

Following their own observations that the woman in issue was wearing false bums in front of witnesses, which resulted in the fake buttocks becoming deformed, Twitter users expressed their opinions on the subject in the comment section. Some people think that the pressure will lead to women with smaller behinds starting to wear diapers.

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In other news, Wendy Shay claims broken heart does not care about your personality

Heartbreaks are unavoidable and don’t care about your age, social class, gender, etc., according to Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay. There is no question about this because many examples have been verified.

“Broken heart is universal. It doesn’t know if you’re an artiste, star or whatever. It can happen to a man, it can happen to a woman,” she said.
She admitted that she’s experienced her fair share of heartbreak in a recent video.

In a recent interview with Glitch Africa, the Ghanaian artist discussed her brand-new song and said that it was inspired by a breakup.
“My new song ‘Survivor’ is a broken heart song, it’s a personal song to me,” she said.

She also indicated that the piece has intentionally been tailored to empower women, especially those in abusive relationships.

She added “What really gingered this song was when I heard the death of the late Nigerian Gospel singer Osinachi. So I decided to do a song to empower women, especially those who are in abusive relationships.”

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