Berla Mundi goes hard on a troll on Instagram

Berla Mundi

Media personality Berla Mundi rages on a troll for calling her a hookup lady

Berla Mundi jokingly said on Instagram she wanted to be the next minister for Gender, Children, and Social Protection after Adwoa Sarfo was sacked. A troll threw a jab at Berla with claims he/she can never prove.

This troll referred to Berla as a hook up lady indirectly by claiming to be a minister is not a hookup business. Berla Mundi on the other hand didn’t take it lightly on him/her saying that’s why his/her mother isn’t a minister, calling him a goat.

The thirst for attention some people on social media will only be the reason most people end up in hot waters. Should Berla take him/her on, it will be difficult for him to come with evidence of Berla being a hook up lady.

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