Big Ivy – “I’d Wanted To Be A Rapper When I Was In The University”

Big Ivy

Big Ivy claims she always dreamed of being a rapper

According to self acclaimed rap queen Big Ivy, she wanted to be a musician and her love for rap music developed after one rapper back then made her fall in love with rap music.

Big Ivy went on to say that she only used to perform to herself and used to disturb the entire household with her rap music whenever she was in the bathroom.

“When I was a kid, I’d wanted to be a musician, I’d wanted to rap in those days when I was in the university and I used to love Maka B. There was this rapper called Maka B and he was doing a lot of conscious music with all the current affairs and educative and informative rap”, she said.

“I used to rap to myself. I rap when I’m in the bathroom and my father used to complain a lot about me shouting and rapping”, she added.

She says she gave up on her rap dreams after she finished schooling but she is hopeful her son CJ Biggerman would accomplish what she was unable to accomplish.

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