Ayesem – “I have never thought about quitting music”


Ayesem throws light on why he has no intentions of quitting music

Takoradi based hiplife artiste Ayesem on Kastle Drive Show disclosed why he has no intentions of giving up on music despite his struggle to make a nationwide hit song.

He shared why some people quits music at some point in their who starts doing music decides to quit all at some point. He said on Kastle Drive Show;

“I have never thought about quitting music because anyone who starts doing music and decides to quit might have been expecting something and didn’t get it that’s why the person stopped doing music,”

“I feel that doing music is passion and it’s part of me and I have been doing music since class 6 till now and anytime I feel like quitting music that’s when the lyrics keep coming the most.

“The more I try to quit that’s when the vibes come more which makes me go to the studio to try and record so those who start music and quit along the line had a motive from the unset,”

The “Koti” hitmaker Ayesem, told Amansan Krakye in a one-on-one interview that individuals who give up music along the way are typically those who entered the industry with a certain goal in mind.

“Some people decide to do music for several reasons like some people just want the fame, others want to use music to chase girls, others want to do music in order to travel abroad so it depends what made you decide to do music,” he opined.

“To me the passion attached to doing music wouldn’t let me stop so I feel that even if my music career isn’t going on well I have to get a side hustle or job but then the music I can’t stop because it’s now part of me so there’s no way I can quit,”

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