Nellie Tembe death investigation update (2022)

Nellie Tembe

Latest on AKA’s fiancée Nellie Tembe’s murder investigation

The police in the Western Cape have wrapped up an investigation into the passing of Nellie Tembe, the fiancée of rapper AKA, whose given name is Kiernan Forbes.

However, the Tembe family and Forbes said they had not been made aware of the conclusion of the investigation.

Nellie Tembe died after she fell from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town. She was in the city to attend an event with the musician.

Celebgossip reported the police concluded their investigation in December and presented the file to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) for a decision, which is yet to be made.

This is after the NPA had returned the same docket to the police in July last year, stating that the matter was a suicide investigation and what the police had provided had elements of suspicion of a murder.

Western Cape police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi said:
Kindly be advised that the investigation into the matter you are referring to has been completed.

The case has since been referred to the National Prosecuting Authority for a decision, hence the merits of the case will not be discussed on an open platform, in a bid to respect the privacy of the relatives.

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