Diego Simeone – “Things naturally come to Joao Felix”

Joao Felix

Diego Simeone shower praises on Joao Felix

Joao Felix who starred in Atletico’s opener against Gatefe by providing three assists received the praises of his boss Diego Simeone. Simeone said the Portuguese star’s talent helps his game speak for itself.

“He looks more mature, stronger,” he stated. “He showed last season until he had to leave due to injury. He is growing, [he] shows maturity, [he] sees more than the others.

“You don’t have to force anything. Things come naturally and he has worked to get to this point. He has talent, he has a goal, and hopefully he can support everything he says here on the field.”

Morata the other hand has his future at the club hanging in thin air. Speaking on this issue, Simeone had this to say,

Diego Simeone

“I am not the owner of the club, I am the coach,” he added. “He is doing very well, working in an extraordinary way, and we hope that Morata will continue with us.

“I think that all footballers have to have confidence to do important things. He came with humility, desire to work, without demanding anything, striving to get to this shape and that is what we want to see.”

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