Steven Bergwijn slams Antonio Conte treatment before Tottenham exit

Steven Bergwijn

Steven Bergwijn opens upon his failed relationship with Antonio Conte

Former Tottenham forward Steven Bergwijn has admitted he fell with former boss Antoonio Conte during his short stay at the club.

Steven Bergwijn left for Ajax this summer after an unproductive season which earned him just one Premier League start under the Italian gaffer, Antonio Conte.

Speaking to Algemeen Dagblad, Steven Bergwijn reflected on his broken relationship with Conte and the events which led to his departure.

“When he told the media during the winter break that I was going to be important and he didn’t want me to go to Ajax, I thought: ‘OK, this is not the time to argue. Let’s see if it changes’,” Bergwijn began.

“You work hard and fill in well, but you always get three or four minutes of playing time. That’s not what I was waiting for. It was very frustrating. Then I wasn’t the guy everyone sees laughing all the time.”

“I had no connection with Conte,” he said. “I think we only had one conversation after the last practice of the season. I then went to the director and said: ‘Listen, I’m not coming back. We’re going to find a solution. I just want to leave’.

“[Conte] said: ‘I’m sorry I didn’t let you play much. We didn’t have cup matches and I really wanted to finish fourth to get to the Champions League’. He chose Harry Kane as the striker. I understood that, but I could also play in other positions. I just didn’t feel like listening anymore.”

Bergwijn ultimately returned to the Eredivisie with Ajax for £26m and he has 3 goals in 2 Eredivisie appearances for the Dutch Champions.

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