Da Don apologises to Kelvynboy for calling him a fool

Da Don apologises to Kelvynboy

Da Don apologises to Kelvynboy

Broadcasting personality Da Don, real name Prince Tsegah, has apologized to Kelvynboy for calling him an idiot in reference to a recent interview in which he claimed he would go insane without smoking.

Contrary to a common misconception that smoking causes individuals to go insane, the former Burniton Music Group signee revealed on Hitz FM that the opposite is what holds true for him.

“You see the way people dey think say if you smoke you go mad? Me, if I don’t smoke I go mad,” he said boldly.

“I like to stay real and I feel like this thing we dey do is my life, it’s my lifestyle too. It’s my career. This is the only thing I know how to do. For real, I dey smoke,” he added.

Prince, who believed the musician should have concealed his lifestyle from his audience, attacked him in retaliation on the same platform hours later.

He referred to him as a fool for making such a claim, which prompted the Down Flat hitmaker to retaliate afterwards.

He tweeted saying, “Selected sinners choosing sins they’re comfortable with and judging others for the ones they not comfortable with! Only takes a fool to know a FOOL!! We FORWARD.”

In view of this, Da Don has stormed back this time around to issue an apology and retract jis earlier statement. He stated;

“Some people felt bad about it including Kwame Dadzie….And for people to think that i insulted..For me it’s even an insult to my personality because I wouldn’t do that and I’ve been in this game for so long. It just a play on words”

So sorry for misunderstanding, this was just misunderstanding, I didn’t want to insult into him his person.

I was just referring to the statement that he made and I thought it was very indiscreet of him to make such a statement.”

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SOURCE: Ghanaupdatesplus.com